Programs & Services


Belmont House offers many much-appreciated services. From a fine dining room to an onsite tuck shop, our services provide convenience and comfort to our residents and their guests.

Dining Room
Our retirement living tenants enjoy their meals in our fine dining room on our main floor. Residents of our long term care home also have attractive dining rooms on their floors, and have a choice of delicious and nutritious meals.

Guests may enjoy mealtime with our residents and tenants for  a modest charge. 


Tuck Shop
The Belmont House Tuck Shop is a convenience store, open weekdays and staffed by volunteers. We offer grocery staples, as well as typical variety store type items. When the Tuck Shop is closed, a vending machine located on the west side of Belmont House offers assorted snacks and drinks.


Lobby Bar

Residents, tenants and their guests can enjoy a social drink before dinner in our Lobby Bar, just outside our dining room. The cash bar is open weekdays from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m.

Belmont House has two chaplains who are responsible for the religious and spiritual care of tenants and residents. They facilitate three memorial services a year and daily morning prayers. With the help of community clergy, they co-ordinate mid-week communion services and masses, as well as ecumenical Sunday services.  They also offer spiritual care through one-to-one counselling.  This ranges from assisting people to access their inner personal and spiritual resources, to providing a caring presence to those who experience anxiety, depression, loneliness and fear in their losses as they age. They also help families and friends deal with the changes in their relative or friend.

Clothing Service
A variety of apparel, shoeware and jewellery companies have sales in Belmont House, approximately 6 times a year. These sales include shoes, underwear/sleepwear, jewellery, adaptive and fashion wear.

Salon / Barber Shop
Our Beauty Salon is open Monday to Friday, and is staffed with trained professionals. The many services at our Salon for men and women include haircuts, sets and perms, as well as manicures and pedicures.

Outdoor Gardens
Belmont House enjoys a park-like setting, with two main gardens on the property. The first is the recently renovated Walker Wing Roof Garden. This garden is ideal for outdoor wandering, and is fully-enclosed with a safety wall and raised gardens. The two-tone stone pathway, specially designed for cognitively impaired residents, provides a circular wandering path that starts and stops in the same place. Benches and chairs have been strategically placed along the route to provide rest areas. This interactive garden provides residents with opportunities to plant their own flowers, enjoy a barbeque, or visit with friends.

The “Stillman Garden” is a focal point at Belmont House and can be viewed from the front entrance, dining area, and from many of the resident’s rooms. The garden has a variety of beautiful flowers, a water feature, and ample seating areas.